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Artist's Statement

My art is the result of the union of my thoughts with a blank panel of wood. My primary subjects are landscapes and compositions of non-representational forms. I work with these forms so that I can express and explore visual depth in my work. Lines of rich color and graphite move freely between the planes in my work, merging foreground with background and connecting separate objects, and what is produced resembles nothing so much as the progression of my thoughts.

While I work, I am thinking not only about color and line, but about my experiences, my emotions, and all that each day has given me. As one thought leads to another, I am compelled to paint quickly and intuitively, soon becoming happily lost in the realm between meditation and imagination. In my work, light and shadows break apart into their elements: colors and lines. These heightened contrasts of color and value are the reflection of my transitory thoughts, each flaring briefly before fading away.

Finally, as I finish each piece, my thoughts come back to the present. Having taken what it will from me, the product of my creative session is balanced and completed, and I am allowed a moment in which to reminisce.

Kate Merritt Davis studied Fine Arts at the University of Montevallo (Montevallo, Alabama), where she received her BFA with Honors in 2000, cum laude, with a concentration in Painting. She currently works out of her studio in Irondale, Alabama, while exhibiting locally, taking commissions for creative works, and sharing her art and skill with the community through volunteer work. Davis has made many charitable contributions of her fine art over several years to local non-profit organizations in the Birmingham area.